Prep Center Tax Free


- Tax free: Our preparation center located in a tax free state. This allows OA orders without sales tax.

- Carefulness: Based on our experience and knowledge, we have been able to provide our dear customers with greater precision in FBA and FBM shipments, this reflects in peace of mind for the customer.

- Ease: With our 100% automated system with the SC (seller Central) we managed to make the process as simple as possible, leaving our client and their VA’s focused on the search for products and profit.

- Agility: We know that the sooner our customers’ products arrive at the warehouses of Amazon, Walmart or in the case of the final customer, it makes all the difference in sales and that’s why we have the fastest deadlines on the market.

- Location: Delaware has a privileged location with regard to the distribution of your shipments to Amazon warehouses with this you save on shipping costs

- Communication: Our team is waiting for you to clear all your doubts and help you.

- We do not charge monthly fees, nor hidden fees, valued for transparency.

- Our company, in addition to thinking about making profits, we aim to grow more and more together with our customers, that is, with our services we help families to be more and more successful, our company changes lives.