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FBM shipments will only be available to customers who ship at least 200 units of FBA shipments every month, otherwise our system will not release FBM shipments!

1 - We will create shipments and print shipping labels on your behalf; furthermore, we'll have a sub account in your 'Amazon seller account' that has "Manage Inventory and FBA Shipments" privileges (no financial data of yours can be accessed via this account); we'll only have access to your shipping plan so that we can do the following: (A) print your FNSKU labels; (B) update your plan, and (C) print your UPS/LTL labels to ship your shipment to Amazon.

2 - Regarding all products forwarded to our warehouse: you must create an INBOUND in our system informing which products and quantities we will receive.

3 - After our company confirms receipt of the products, you'll be able to request FBA or FBM shipments.

4 - At this point, just create OUTBOUND in our system and leave the rest to our team.

5 - Our team handles the FBA Shipment creation process on your behalf including printing FNSKU labels, uploading box content info, and arranging shipping (using Amazon partnered-carriers).

6 -In less than 48 hours, the whole process is done and sent by an Amazon partner-carrier. *You can follow inside your seller central.

No, just Storage fee.

For 60 days we do not charge a storage fee.

From 61 to 90 days, it will be added an extra $0.45 per item. 

Less than 48h for FBA, after you create Outbound in our system.

Less than 72h for FBM, after you create Outbound in our system.

Since 09/2017.
No, we only sell products that our customers discard or for not paying the storage fee (after 60 days), our focus is not on competing or copying our customers' products, don't worry about that.
Weekly (Friday).
By email or WhatsApp app chat.

You can send us any quantity of products, but each OUTBOUND must have at least 40 items (can be mix items).

Outbound with less than 40 items will not be shipped as per our policy.

You buy, we receive your products and when you have in stock 40 items or more (can be mix items), you then may request the OUTBOUND.

We currently have 40,000 customers registered in our system (wholesale, O.R, Private Label).

Make your application in the link below:

No, sorry. Unfortunately, our address can only be used as a delivery address for products.
No, you do not pay sales tax when you ship to our company because our state (Delaware) is exempt from sales tax.