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Privacy Policy and Terms:

PrepCenterTaxFree Company Policies and Terms of Use (Agreement):

PrepCenterTaxFree is a Prep Center company that sends goods from the United States to Amazon FBA/FBM, Walmart, Ebay and any other marketplace/e-commerce.

We are headquartered in Newark - Delaware, in the United States of America.

We will receive orders from all the companies/sites contracted by you and we will pack them in a safe, compact and economical way in order to optimize your sales.





This agreement and our Privacy Policy (which is incorporated herein by reference), constitute the entire agreement and supersede any other agreements or understandings (oral or written) between you and us relating to the matters mentioned in this agreement.

Reserved Rights:

All content on the website, including the name and logo, is the reserved right of the company PrepCenterTaxFree LLC, and must not be used without our permission, unless expressly provided for in this contract.

Terms and conditions of use:

Carefully and carefully read the terms and conditions of use before creating an account on our website and using our services.

In case of doubt, use our “TALK TO US” for clarification or contact us via email ([email protected]).

After contracting PrepCneterTaxFree, you declare that you are aware of all our contractual clauses below.


This contract is an agreement between the customer and PrepCenterTaxFree LLC, owner of the website

It governs the conditions of use of our electronic address. All services provided by PrepCenterTaxFree are described on our website

By opening an account at you agree and accept all the terms of this contract as well as undertake to fulfill all the duties required therein.

PrepCenterTaxFree reserves the right to make any changes to this contract. The changes will take effect immediately and the customer agrees to the established changes by continuing to use PrepCenterTaxFree services.


The first step to use PrepCenterTaxFree services is to fill in the form to register with our company. The information contained in this form is the sole responsibility of the customer and must be filled in truthfully.

The cadastral update is also a responsibility of the client.

PrepCenterTaxFree is not responsible for any damage caused by customer error, omission or provision of false, incorrect, incomplete or outdated information.

In case of suspicions about the veracity of the information provided by the customer to PrepCenterTaxFree or in case of incomplete or outdated data, we have the full right to suspend indefinitely or even cancel access to until the issues are clarified.

The customer authorizes, when registering on our website, to be asked about any information for the validation of his account. The minimum age to use our services is 18 years old.


With the registration completed and in possession of the password, the customer will be able to access the website and navigate through all restricted access areas. Password protection is the sole responsibility of the customer, who must not disclose it to third parties. Any activity or action carried out using the password, whether or not authorized by the customer, is the responsibility of the customer, subject to the penalties provided for in the laws of internet crimes. Communication in case of misuse must be forwarded immediately to [email protected].

Delivery Address and Received Boxes:

The customer will receive an address in the United States of America with a SUITE/Stock number that is unique.

This address must only be used for the purpose of delivering physical orders/products, not being allowed to be used by the customer for any other purpose, such as providing for opening bank accounts/Paypal, opening an account on , requesting credit cards, advertising on company websites or registering domains on the Internet, etc.

The address provided by PrepCenterTaxFree must not be used/disclosed as a US residence address.

This is a crime and the customer's account on the site may be terminated and the customer prosecuted.

It is very important that the delivery address is complete when forwarding orders to the PrepCenterTaxFree address, with the full customer name and SUITE number.

If this data has not been informed, PrepCenterTaxFree will try to locate the customer with a more accurate search.

If it is really not possible to locate the customer, the order will be stored for 30 consecutive days.

If the volume is definitely not claimed within this period, it will be automatically sent for disposal by the system and sold at public auction or private sale.

In some cases the tracking number may indicate that your box/purchase was delivered to our company, but in fact it was delivered to the wrong location/address by the carrier/driver, in this case we are not responsible for your products, the customer must resolve this with the sender and carrier.

The maximum size of the boxes that PrepCenterTaxFree receives are the same as the size limits allowed by each international shipping carrier and for receiving products that will be sent to marketplaces within the USA, such as Amazon, Ebay and Walmart etc.


PrepCenterTaxFree's service provision is only to receive orders/products, store them safely (for a specified period), prepare according to the policies of each e-commerce that our client sells, repackage and deliver the box with the client's products to the carrier that was chosen by the customer within the PrepCenterTaxFree website or in its Seller Central.


The purpose of PrepCenterTaxFree's work is to store its products for a predetermined period and prepare customers' products for shipment to Amazon FBA or FBM warehouses, Ebay, Walmart.

Our focus is not on storing but on preparing your products to send to FBA or FBM, Ebay, Walmart or to the e-commerce that our client is selling.

We will receive the goods and include them in the customer's inventory/suite for the above-mentioned period.

After this period, a fee will be charged.

If we do not receive the request and/or payment for the extension of storage by the customer within 5 (days) calendar after the end of the period, the packages/products will be considered abandoned and PrepCenterTaxFree reserves the right to sell them, either by public auction or private sale, without prior notice.

Packets received unidentified/abandoned:

All packages received by PrepCenterTaxFree without identification (for whatever reason) will be stored for 30 (thirty) days. If after this period the volumes are not claimed by the customer, they will be sent to public auction or private sale.

Package Consolidation:

The grouping of all goods purchased by the customer is called package/box consolidation. This practice is used in order to optimize shipping costs since the agglutination of all packages in one only allows an excellent economy. This grouping may or may not be done in the original packaging.

Reopening Packages/Boxes Ready for Shipment:

If the customer requests that the products (partial or all) be restocked/added to his suite to request a new shipment, or for any other reason, a fee of US$8.00 (each box) will be charged for this rework, regardless of the type of shipping within the website.

Import and Export Documentation (if required):

The customer must know or become aware of the shipping (import) rules, norms and customs taxes of the country of destination. PrepCenterTaxFree is not responsible for the non-delivery of packages that do not comply with the export regulations of the United States of America, with the import regulations of the country of destination, any other reason and the carriers on the route within the USA.

The customer is responsible for accurately completing the customs declaration, for the documentation and for all customs taxes that affect the volume in the country of destination, taxes or additional charges to the amounts charged for the provision of services by PrepCenterTaxFree, as well as providing accurate information about the content and values of each package/product.


All postage fees will be borne by the customer. The customer previously authorizes PrepCenterTaxFree to open the received packages, in case there is any suspicion about the content contained therein (illegal products), or for any other reason in order to optimize the volumes for shipment.

All carrier terms, conditions and insurance (USPS, Fedex, LS, Amazon Ship, UPS, apply to customer packages/products/shipments within or outside the US.

Payment methods:

The payment methods offered today by PrepCenterTaxFree are:

Customer Responsibilities:

Password protection is the sole responsibility of the customer, who must not disclose it to third parties. Any activity or action carried out using the password, whether or not authorized by the customer, is the responsibility of the customer, subject to the penalties provided for in the laws of internet crimes. Communication in case of misuse must be forwarded immediately to PrepCenterTaxFree.

Customers are strictly prohibited from impersonating another person or entity, falsely claiming to be affiliated or acting in bad faith as an affiliate. Ideological falsehood and False identity are crimes and there are appropriate sanctions by law.

The customer's account will be suspended indefinitely or even canceled if he tries to cancel the payment already completed with the credit card company or if a chargeback or dispute starts.

Shipment of prescription or unregulated medication in the United States is strictly prohibited to the PrepCenterTaxFree address and will be discarded upon arrival at our warehouse without further notice.

The customer is responsible for confirming that the package/product that arrived at our warehouse is the same as the one you purchased. PrepCenterTaxFree has the power to terminate the account of dishonest customers who find that the wrong products have been placed on their account and request to ship packages that belong to a different customer.

You must immediately notify PrepCenterTaxFree in the event that you receive an incorrect package in your suite, errors may occur as stores sometimes confuse customer names or incorrectly print the suite number. Therefore, we expect all customers to report the error to us immediately, so that we can verify and forward the package to the correct customer.

It is prohibited for the client to consciously interfere with the interruption of the services of the website, servers or networks connected to our website, as well as to infringe any norms, procedures, policies, requirements or regulations of the website

Violation of the personal privacy rights of third parties is also not permitted. Submission or publication on the website of materials, files or programs infected with viruses is strictly prohibited as it could destroy or limit the functioning of software, hardware or equipment of PrepCenterTaxFree or of servers or networks connected to our website.

Violation of laws, whether local, state, national or international, is a crime and the sanctions provided will apply.

Therefore, the customer must use our website in a conscious, legal and moral manner.

PrepCenterTaxFree Responsibilities:

Handling and storage costs (for 30 days) are the sole responsibility of PrepCenterTaxFree. PrepCenterTaxFree is also responsible for keeping the goods stored in perfect condition and for the integrity of the volume (packaging) only until the moment of posting/delivery of the material/box/product to the carrier chosen by the customer and/or its third parties that make the collection of the boxes in our company.

It is PrepCenterTaxFree's responsibility to maintain the registration information provided by customers in complete secrecy, as well as any document requested for data verification.

PrepCenterTaxFree is not responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect, incomplete or false filling of information both in the registration with our company and in the customs declaration. Likewise, it is not responsible for damages caused to the goods or their loss, since both filling out the shipping form and choosing the shipping method are the sole responsibility of the customer.

PrepCenterTaxFree is a Purchasing Prep Center company and, after completing the shipping process, we do not have control over the procedures of the carriers and their third parties, nor the transport of the volumes itself.

PrepCenterTaxFree is not responsible for damage caused to products/boxes during transport by the carrier, in packages that are heavy and large, as the risk of damage increases significantly as they are more difficult to transport.

Therefore, we are exempt from any and all liability when delivering the customer's goods to the company responsible for the transport chosen by the customer, either on the journey within the USA (when leaving the company PrepCenterTaxFree), for Amazon FBA/FBM, Walmart, Ebay, or in your country or any other destination.

From the moment that PrepCenterTaxFree delivers your boxes/products to the carrier you chose and we provide you with the tracking number (code tracking) within your account on our website, you are aware that all responsibility for your products is between you and the chosen carrier, both those outsourced during the journey within the USA (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, LS...) and shipping to the country of destination.

PrepCenterTaxFree will only intermediate/assist in the negotiations between you and the chosen carrier, both the officials and their third parties who collect the boxes of each customer in our company, in case there are any problems with your shipment.

Any claim by the customer in relation to his purchase must be made directly to the supplier. PrepCenterTaxFree is not responsible for legal costs or claims from third parties to commercial relationships established before or after receipt or not of the products purchased by it. Our job is just to receive the goods, store them (for a specified period of time) and deliver your box to the carrier chosen by you within our website.

Privacy and Security Policies:

All information obtained through the website is subject to our privacy policy, not allowing the disclosure, assignment, rental or sharing of personal information given by customers by PrepCenterTaxFree, under any circumstances.

The data we collect will be used solely and exclusively for the processing of orders and subsequent shipment of volumes. The documents required to verify the information will be kept in complete secrecy. Payments made on the PrepCenterTaxFree website are processed in the highest secrecy with a security certificate offered by PayPal companies, making the environment safe for online payments. Information traffic on our website is coded using the highest technology available.